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This… was not our destiny.

Times change.


Man, after watching the Pandaria intro and seeing this, I really want to give WoW a go. I just wish I could work out why it initially wouldn’t start after downloading and now once I have installed it, why the thing refuses to work, despite being fine for Hearthstone.

I have checked a lot of stuff online and my error was going to a page that wasn’t there, so any thought would be greatly appreciated.

- Darth Sebious

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"I’m already a demon."

This is probably my favorite set of sprites that I’ve made. As you can tell it’s based off Naked Snake’s evolution into Big Boss over the course of MGS V. I was tempted to add some of his other camouflage but these seemed to be the most iconic (in my opinion). Side note, I’m really tempted to do ones for Ocelot, Kaz and maybe Quiet.

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